Trumps Kids

Kohl’s Is Happy To Join President Trump In Making America Great Again, 1880

This Christmas you can buy a child ripped from his parents while illegally crossing our boarder and put them to work making America great again.  NOt since the late 1800s has an opportunity like this been available.  But through executive order President Trump is letting these kids work off their criminal records of illegally entering our country through the Donald J Trump Child Labor ReAuthorization Order of 2018.  And just in time for Christmas!  Cause what says Christian more than being looking down on others!

Make America Great Again!  Perfect For WOrking In Mines

Child Miner



Don’t be fooled this little guy loves digging all day and he’s healthy!  Young lungs rebound so much easier than older ones.  Kids can benefit from the structure of 12 hour days in mines that can save money building smaller tunnels.  Coal is back everyone!